TipTip And Tricks again…..


Go ahead and be moody. Whatever mood you want. In fact, make your own custom Emotions. Here’s how:

Click your Windows Start button, select Find or Search, then Files or Folders.

A new window will launch allowing you to search for files on your computer.

Type emote_user.dat in the Named: field and click the Find Now or Search Now button.

When the file is found, double-click it.

If you’re asked which program you’d like to open the file with, choose Notepad.

Once the file is open, add new emotes in the format mentioned at the top of the file.

Close the file and make sure to save the changes.

Restart Messenger and emote away!

How to Add someone to your list without their permission

Ok, for those who have been on yahoo as long as I have, this is the way
we use to Add someone to our friends list without them knowing.

1) Pick an account that you want to Add the person to.

2) Create an alias account under that main ID;

3) Sign into messenger with the Alias you just made.

4) Go back into the account information, and click the delete button to delete the Alias ID HOWEVER DO NOT CONFIRM IT YET.

5) Add the user to your friends list in messenger under that new alias account.

6) After to have added the user, IMMEDIATELY go and hit the confirm button to delete the alias profile.

7) Now the user you just added, will probably deny the request to add
them, however you never get that denial because you have deleted the
account to which the ADD came from.

The user will remain on your friends list for the main account name

How to UN-BAN your CHAT BANNED Y4h3ll ID!!!

Here is somthing i had figured out:

If you would like to unban your name if it has been Chat Banned(Locked up COMPLETELY)
then go to you lauguage settings in your account to change tha lauguage then change
it to:


and then save it all then exit out of it…DO NOT try to get back on your name for
anything for about 2-3 weeks or untill its unlocked, then change tha settings
back to:


then try to log in and there you go you should now have your banned name unlocked and
have fun! You ask how does this work well it works by Y4h3lls Servers will reconize
you(Your banned name) as a new member but your not!! LOL

(NOTE: If it doesnot work if you put it back to “ENGLISH” put it back onto “CHINEESE-Chaina(MAINLAND”
and leave it there for about another 2 months)…tnx..gudluck

Thats All Folks Enjoy ….. KNOWLEDGE IS TO BE GIFTED


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