some tricks for yahoo user


How to UN-BAN your CHAT BANNED Y4h3ll ID!!!

Here is somthing i had figured out:

If you would like to unban your name if it has been Chat Banned(Locked up COMPLETELY)
then go to you lauguage settings in your account to change tha lauguage then change
it to:


and then save it all then exit out of it…DO NOT try to get back on your name for
anything for about 2-3 weeks or untill its unlocked, then change tha settings
back to:


then try to log in and there you go you should now have your banned name unlocked and
have fun! You ask how does this work well it works by Y4h3lls Servers will reconize
you(Your banned name) as a new member but your not!! LOL

(NOTE: If it doesnot work if you put it back to “ENGLISH” put it back onto “CHINEESE-Chaina(MAINLAND”
and leave it there for about another 2 months)…tnx..gudluck

Tips For God Of Voice

Here Are Some Usefull Tips For God Of Voice
1.Always Write First Word of the room in captial Word.Like Pakistan:36,IndiaL2 etc etc
2.Use Login delay 0.5
3.Use Voice Login delay 0.5
4.In Socks Tester Always Keep 50 Socks & timout 5.
5.Use 0.07 Ignore time for the bots…
Enjoy All it will Be very usefull For you All
Top 11 Yahoo Mail Tips and Tricks

Yahoo’s new version of web mail is, without a doubt, one of the coolest and most fluid Ajax applications we’ve seen to date. For the average user it offers every major feature that you can find in Outlook or Thunderbird, and it does it with style. But that isn’t all, the Yahoo team also took the time to layer the app with embedded tricks, hacks, and shortcuts that makes the whole experience that much sweeter.

With that in mind, here are the top 11 tricks that I use everyday with the new Yahoo Mail Beta:

1. Trick: Instant Address Book Add – Drag a message onto the Contacts link and you’ll see the icon change to a plus sign which means you can add that contact to your address book in one easy step.

2. Trick: Navigate your inbox the quick way – Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow or Down Arrow let you jump to messages in the same folder that have the same subject line. You can hit Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up Arrow lets you choose another factor to filter on (such as flag) when using Ctrl + Shift to navigate.

3. Easter Egg: When composing a message just hit the Subject: button to cycle through a collection of random (often humorous) subject lines. A lot of real gems in here including:

4. Hack: Organize Your inbox via Message Finder – Now it is as easy as typing in a search, ordering the results by Contact, Location, or Subject, selecting the messages, and dragging them to a new folder. Sounds complicated? It isn’t, just do a search and then start dragging and dropping messages.

5. Tip: Select Multiple Messages – Hold shift after selecting a message to select multiple messages. Hold Ctrl to add specific messages to the list. Hit Crtl-A to select all messages in a folder or search results. This is a great way to select everything in your inbox and move it to an archive folder.

6. Tip: Read Messages Now – Go to Options link in the upper right hand corner and then select Mail Options. Find the item labeled mark messages as read and select immediately. This way when you scroll through messages you no longer have to pause one each one to have it marked as read.

7. Tip: Hide/Show Viewing Pane – Just hit the letter V on your keyboard to have more space to organize your folder. Hit V again to reopen the message preview.

8. Tip: Quick Compose – Type the letter N to start a new message or R to reply to a selected message.

9. Trick: Find Text within your message – Hit Crtl + F after selecting a message to find text within a that message. Hitting the enter key lets your scroll through each instance of the word within the message.

10. Trick: Scroll through folder without reading – Holding Crtl lets you scroll through a folder messages using the arrow keys without selecting each individual message.

11. Tip: Send Message Now – By using the Crtl + Enter Key you can send a message you are composing instantly. No more hunting for the send button.

just read and learn reading is knowledge … peace GM.LOPEZ 


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