Reconnect your disconnected bm622 (MANUAL) + MAC

What is a MAC Address

A MAC address (Media Access Control address) (also called an Ethernet address or an IEEE MAC address) is a number (typically written as twelve hexadecimal digits, 0 through 9 and A through F, or as six hexadecimal numbers separated by periods or colons, i.e. 4C54996E2501,4C:54:99:6E:25:01 which uniquely identifies a computer that has an Ehternet interface. Unlike the IP number, it includes no indication of where your computer is located. In DHCP’s typical use, the server uses a requesting computer’s MAC address to uniquely identify it.

MAC addresses of BM622

Huawei Echolife BM622 CPE has three (3) preset MAC addresses (WAN, LAN, WIMAX) that works all together to gain internet access.

“The WAN MAC address was pasted on the device bottom and cal also be viewed on its web-based utility (Web UI)..

Step 1
Login to the telnet utility ( Click here for Username and Password  )

Step 2

“Considering in this example that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 is an active and unblocked WAN MAC address.”

Enter setallmacaddr that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 in the ATP then press Enter. Automatically the three MAC addresses of the device will be updated, that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 for WAN, that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F7 for WIMAX and that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F9 for LAN, After then, type exit and press Enter to exit from the utility.

Step 3
Then, Login as admin in the Web –based utility. ( Click here how to get Admin Password )

Step 4
Go to “Maintain” tab and click “Restore Default Connection”. You have to click OK button twicem then the modem automatically reboots and require you to login again.

Step 5
Wait for a while until such time that the modem was completely rebooted and theLAN connection is already active in the Network Connection of the Control Panel.
You can see such reminder in the system tray when the device reboots.

Login as user in the Web-based utility to check if the MAC addresses was changed as well to check if the device is connected to the network.

The new MAC addresses were updated and working.

Updated February 28 2012 With 2mbps Speed! 

Not tricky but easy..  double click niyo lang ang vbs file at automatic ng mapapalitan ang mac address ng wimax nyo..


~ ni bugzlife69 sa Hulyo 15, 2013.

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