Open Port

prog SP2-TCP-Patch…

1…now that she open the window she give you 3 options pres yes letter (y) press no letter (n) and press change letter (c) you must press change letter (c)…

2…now you need to put the number of conection so put this number [ 1000000 ] and press enter…

3… now she ask if you realy want to change to 1000000 and give 3 options yes press letter (y) no press letter (n ) and change press letter (c ) you must press letter (y)…

4…press any key to close the window…

5…now she open a new window with 3 options repet more information and cancel press cancel and after in the other window open pres yes…

…now rebout your computer and try to scan socks thats all ……TCP-Patch.html…TCP-Patch.html

Windows XP SP3 TCP/IP Patcher

This program is translated by me, it is originally a component of BitSpirit, a torrent download client. This crack is designed only for all versions of WIndows XP SP3.
By increasing the number of TCP/IP connections allowed at one time, your internet speeds up, especially when you are downloading stuff or playing online games. I recommend you to set the limitation to 500 to 600.

Before applying the crack, remember to unplug internet connections and restart computer to make sure the TCP/IP file is not in use.…hwrms.rar.html

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~ ni bugzlife69 sa Setyembre 13, 2012.

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