Another Tricks for free net no mac address needed lols………


Attention to Globe users or resellers with customers that is using G! 

You may follow this instructions:

1. Download the installer first – <<— version 2.18.12

2. Install the TsunamiVPN

3. Open the TsunamiVPN (in Windows 7, you may run it as admin) and configure the following:
– accounts
– Click File > Tools and Options > Ports and Proxy Settings
* Ports: LPORT 50 or 51 or 52 or 137 / RPORT 9201

4. Load the broadband with 20 pesos and use the 2 pesos. 18 pesos will be left to the load.

5. Register to POWERSURF15 by texting POWERSURF15 to 8888 and wait for the confirmation.

6. After receiving a text from 8888, reply with MB15 then send and wait for the confirmation.

7. Connect the Broadband

8. Open the Command Prompt and type these:

9. Disconnect the broadband.

10. Connect TsunamiVPN

11. Wait for 3 seconds then connect the broadband.

12. Disconnect all

13. Change the LPORT to 52 and RPORT to 9201

14. Repeat steps 7 to 11 until you are successfully connected.


– Try in old sims first before buying new sims.
– Sa akin lang, mas nadadalian ako magbutas pag lumang Globe sim at yung may mga expiration na March 2012
– Pag nalamapasan nyo na po ang 20MB limit, may possibility na pwede na ang sim.
– Sa Windows 7 kahit walang lumalabas na error, connect nyo po agad ang broadband.
– Magtira po kayo ng atleast 2 pesos load sa sim
– Ilipat nyo po sa RAS (modem) ang setting ng dashboard at PAP naman sa authentication type.
– Para mapadali ang paghahabol nyo sa limit, idownload nyo ito:
– Para matesting nyo naman kung nalampasan nyo na ang limit, download nyo ito:
– Kung ididisconnect, unahin ang broadband bago ang GUI

~ ni bugzlife69 sa Marso 1, 2012.

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