GLOBE WI-MAX Tweak Tutorial

Go to “Start” then “Run” type this -> telnet
—–Welcome to ATP Cli——
——————————-Login: wimax
Password: wimax820
ATP>setmacaddr 64:16:F0:C4:7E:92
– PASSWORD –     evil_rhea
BM622/BM625 Mac Changer link. download >




Go to “Start” then “Run” type this -> telnet
—–Welcome to ATP Cli——
Login: wimax
Password: wimax820
ATP>setallmacaddr 64:16:F0:C4:7E:92




Go to “Start” then “Run” type this -> telnet
—–Welcome to ATP Cli——
Login: wimax
ATP>cmd SetUserMode super
/ # cd bin
/bin # telnetd
/bin # hwvconfig
/bin # equipcmd setAssemblyenable
/bin # equipcmd setmacaddr 64:16:F0:C4:7E:92
/bin # exit

then reboot ur device


BM621, BM622, BM622i, BM625

1. Download this file wimaxBM622i password generator
2. Extract the downloaded file using WINRAR, 7zip, or compatible .rar extractor
3. Open/Click this file ‘ExcelAccess.exe’ from the extracted folder.

4. Now you will have to get you MAC address under your Huawei BM622i modem
(under the bar code you will see MAC: AA11BB22CC33) something like that.

5. Enter your MAC here

6. Click ‘GENERATE’ button to generate your admin password
and will show something like this below

7. Now copy/paste that in your notepad (you can use ctrl-c & ctrl-v to copy paste), so you can remember easily.
8. On your web browser got to URL: and then enter username: admin and your generated password.


>> MAC: 64:16:F0:C4:7E:92
>> S/N : 500120124102005116



* Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features >
* Turn Windows On or Off
* then look for Telnet Client, check mo ung box, then ok
* Go to command prompt/cmd
* Start> All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
* type telnet
—–Welcome to ATP Cli——
Login: wimax
Password: wimax820
ATP>setallmacaddr 64:16:F0:C4:7E:92

* Wait till says connecting to host lost
* wait 3 mins
* go to in internet browser
* login : user pass: user
* go to wimax
* check connection status if connected (may internet na) kung wala pa need mo mag change mac ulit…alryt?

Huawei Wimax Mac Loader Link
paunawa sa mga nagbabasa if u donthave  nice to say pls shut ur mouth this is only tutorial and how its done not make ur own  living…………

~ ni bugzlife69 sa Pebrero 21, 2012.

72 Tugon to “GLOBE WI-MAX Tweak Tutorial”

  1. Hello dear friend,
    Thank you for the tutorial. Me my problem is that in my country, we also use internet MODEM Huawei as Key USB HUAWEI BM328 model. Can you help us get the Admin Password.

  2. I am from Côte d’ivoire (Ivory coast) in west of Africa. Our operator is MTN and i use as internet MODEM, USB key HUAWEI BM328 model. Can you help us to get free internet connexion.

    • this the tweak for u men try after u change load change the wimax try to find a mac address
      just change that u got free net try to seach ur mac address and u will get free net

  3. sir can u send the password mediafire ikumi thanks

  4. boss..ano 2nd password sa bm622i?? imean extract password?>

  5. Hello I would like to know all the username and password to pass the WiMAX BM328 and know later if there is software to restore the word to pass the login of the WiMAX BM328

  6. scamm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sir pa send ng mediafire password..thnx

  8. bossgumana pa ba tong nasa tutorial mo? may bm622i kasi ako mapagana

  9. guys i already put the password and i try to download the file still works for me if u cant follow or see where post it PASSWORD: evil_rhea <<<< use this password im not scam or anything u just need to read not talk to much

  10. PASSWORD : evil_rhea <<<<<<< OK

  11. Hello Brother, in my country, we use WiMax BM328. Can you help us to hack it? Thanks

    • bro i just put the idea there because i do that already to my net and still im using free net provide the 2 largest network here i have net any time i want if go somewhere i use dongle kit and in my apratment i use that bmi system

  12. ano po ung password sa rar. ung bm622i by ikumi ayaw naman po ng evil_rhea sa rar. password

  13. para lang po ba sa disconnected na wimax yan? gano po kabilis un mac?

    • khit disconnected or connected pero bkit mo tweak ang connected di ba ang mac nman is depende sa llgay mo at ano avaible meron ka, nsa net ka mdali lang maghnap ng mac trial and error lang yun try mo

  14. Dude, i guess your post about the BM622i is lacking some information about the tweaks and stuffs.

    The file “BM622i Firmware Upgrader.exe” requires server, password, and the file needed for upgrade.

    Also, “BM622i BY IKUMI.rar” can be opened without the password but the file “bm622i byikumi5.rar” inside it requires password that cannot be opened because its encrypted by a different password and is not evil_rhea.

    A lot of people is still waiting for the BM622i tweak but i guess the file containing the mac address is set r-xr-x-rx thats why nothing happens when we try to change it.

    You may upload an unrar ikumi file or maybe post a more detailed tutorial.

    Salamat ^_^

    • dude did u read my stuff and acompany to the record i already put there the password and i already try to extract files still the password is there the last time i check try to read much better before u comment.

  15. sir,
    gud day po..
    ask ko lng kung ano purpose ng tweak??
    kung na change na ung MAC address ko mag FREE INTERNET na ba??
    e paano kung may connection pa ako??
    at sir papalitan pa din ba ng Globe kung sakaling masira ung modem ko??

    • i think not ksi ikaw gmalaw ang tweak nman is for those di ngana ksi alang pang byad kung ngana nman yan bkit pa gusto mong bumilis yan plitan mo ng mac add na mas mbilis pero kung pplitan mo pag nsira mo di nila pplitan ksi void mo warranty nyan , pag mbgal ang gmit mong mac pwede mo mpalitan din syang lang bnabayran mo line mo tpos ggmitin mo yan tweak mo add useless di ba

  16. p send nmn po ng pass word ni ikumi

  17. Sir hingi MAC bka meron 3MBPS up send thx po

  18. ano pass nito ayaw ma access ng evil_rhea sa rar

  19. sir bka po pwd nyo po akong matulongan s bm622i ayaw gumana po sa huawei ung password puro eror pti din po ung user eh help nman po sayang eh, tnx.

  20. sir pa send naman ng mac address changer for bm622i pls..

  21. SIR panu poba mg chance mac ng bm622i plis,, help nman po. kung my tutorial po eto po email add kopo

  22. SIR panu poba mg chance mac ng bm622i plis,, help nman po. kung my tutorial po eto po email add kopo

  23. meron kang ibang link sa BM622i MAC CHANGER kasi hindi na gumagana… thanks

  24. hi sir, di ko na madownload yung mac changer reached the limit na daw., pwede po makahingi mirror, try ko lang sana., thanks! =)

  25. please try to check yung file BM622i BY IKUMI.rar
    try mo i-download..
    may password po eh.. iba ang password..

  26. mga boss pano maghack unlinet ng b200w????? salamat po sa magbibigay ins.

  27. pahelp unlinet b200w tnx s makakahelp po pasend nlng dito yung instruction

  28. hi sir why the firmeware come from Lybia telecom? can i get another firmeware?thank u

  29. SIr paturo namn po regarding dun sa bm622i firmware upgrade. server? password? file?

  30. kailangan po ng server, password at file para dun sa firmware upgrader s bm622i..pahelp nmn po..

  31. Sir, Windows 7 po OS na gamit ko. Tina-try ko po i-change ang mac add ng bm622 ko na na-disconnect pero palaging ito po ang lumalabas, “could not open connection to the host.” Sana po matulungan nyo po ako. Thank you po!

    • How to reconnect your BM622
      mam kung windows xp po OS mo no problem po wala ka babaguhin. Pero kapag WINDOWS 7 po, U need to do the ff:

      * Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features >
      * Turn Windows On or Off
      * then look for Telnet Client, check mo ung box, then ok


      Mam download mo po ito (software)

      Pag nagawa mo na po. U can click na po yung software na meron name na wimax1. Please REMEMBER po, dapat po nakalagay or nakakabit na yung bm622 mo sa computer. pag naclicked na wait mo lang mga 5-8mins mag self read pa sya..then try mo po magbrowse. No need to restart. Salamat Mam

      • sir b200w poh ang akin penge naman poh ng tut… [ara maunli oh magkanet to ulit salamat po in advance

      • sir ask q lang poh b200w poh yung gamit q may tutorial poh ba kau para mahack yung net connection poh nito.   thanks poh in advance sir.. thanks


  32. telnet is not working anymore Yet is connecting but suddenly disappear..any Idea on how to get connected tru atp client again I saw all suggestion here are old and not enough to change mac.. a new trick? please post in here.. thanks

  33. Good afternoon bugz… Im’ actually not that techie but here’s my problem.. I’m using a bm622i wimax modem.. When i first got my wimax connected w/ 1mbps subscription, they installed the bm622.. the one that look like a mug.. everything seems to be working fine w/ 1.2 to 1.5mbps download speed & 1.1 to 1.3mbps upload speed until I upgraded my subscription to 1mbps+landline. We ended up replacing the modem from bm622 to bm622i due to VoIP configuration issues.. Since then my internet connection became way toooooooooooo slllooooowwwww the mere fact that their globe tower is just right beside my subdivision.. as in very near… there’s no possible way I should get a weak signal w/ a total of 3 bars. Network congestion? I don’t think so, this subdivision is just newly built w/ only few home owners / residents in it & I’m confident & very sure that only few us subscribed to globe wimax. While outside our subdivision, most of the people are using PLDT. My download speed dropped down as low as 0.25mbps w/ upload peed of 0.13mbps. Are there any tweaks that I can use to speed up my connection..

    Here’s my specs

    AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.2Hgz
    ECS A790GXM-AD3 Motherboard
    4Gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance
    (2) HIS 4870 IceQ4+ Turbo 1GB 256bit (crossfired)
    500Gb SATAII
    Coolermaster V6GT CPU Cooler
    Coolermaster HAF932 AMD Edition Chassis
    Windows 7 Utlimate 64-bit

  34. how can i access it says: could not open port 23, connection failed.

  35. sir kailangan po ng server, password at file para dun sa firmware upgrader s bm622i.. pag may na input na po ba kami dito sir na mga dumpfile na galing sa package 2010 ma da downgrade na po ba yong 622i namin na nka package 2011.

  36. pasend naman poh ng password at…thanks

  37. sir meron na bo ka ung pang recon sa bm622i (2011)

  38. sir ung 2011 package na bm622, may way na ba kau para mapalitan ung wan?..

  39. sir baka meron kang bm622i 2011 firmware downgrade kasi bm622i 2011 version yung akin eh.

  40. working po yung evil_rhea password for downloading only. but extracting the file inside it requires a different password. mag upload ka bago boss. kung talgang gusto mong mag share and not scamming. wala kwenta yang reply mo na evil_rhea din password. try mo nga download yan sa ka extract mo yan.iba password sa file extraction.nag share ka pa different password naman sa extract. passa ka rin! pweh!!!

    • dalawa lang yan iho kung di ka tanga or bopols ka paano mo ssbing scam ito di ka nman nagbayad why ung iba nagppsalamat at nkapag extract sila wlang gmot sa tulad mo iho sbi nga nila wag puro dada utak paganahin mo di ung kkonting piraso sa ulo mo ok … basahin mo ito

      machzFeb 6, 6:09 pm
      sir napalitan ko na yung mac ng 22i 2011 ko.connected na..salamt dito ng marami! kaya lang sir pano pasukin yung gui ng 2011 para madisable yung telnet at wan at ma bruteforce yung frequency? << hungry pa sya bagong knowledge paano yan pweeeet wla ka ksing knowledge

  41. sir napalitan ko na yung mac ng 22i 2011 ko.connected na..salamt dito ng marami! kaya lang sir pano pasukin yung gui ng 2011 para madisable yung telnet at wan at ma bruteforce yung frequency?

  42. boss bugzlife69 maganda ang post mo thats a good TUT for every one!! this is no scam putcha kaalaman n nga yan tangihan pa.. at sa iba na need ng TUT pa ehh marami dyan isa lng si boss bugzlife69 sa mga nag share gamit din kc ng knowledge at gather some info sa ibat ibang forums hahaha LOL

  43. @ sa mga BM622i 2010-2011 model please po iba iba po ang password ng admin acct nian depende sa mac nio
    pakibasa ung TUTorial na may Images sa taas yanung actual na steps.tested ko yan

  44. pahingi ng VIP MAC sir:)

  45. vip MAC sino meron dyan… willing to pay…anything…… 🙂 im dying to have it… grrrrrr

  46. thanks for this trick……..since then, i consistently enjoying a 96% signal strenght and 120,000 and up download speed…….. ok lang 4-6 movies downloaded from torrent sites i half a day…MABUHAY….

  47. pasend naman po ng password para ma ectract un zip files tnx.

  48. amail me bosss\\\ tank you god bless

  49. boss pa up po ng link na to salamat

  50. sir pa post naman un uesrname password sa bm622 hindi ko kasi alam para mabuksan ko.eto po email ko pwede ba kita ma add sa fb.

  51. Howdy! I know this is kind of off topic but
    I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  52. Sir ano kaya nangyari sa BM622 ko nawalan ng net tapos umilaw lahat yung tatlong ilaw kahit walang antenna, kasi hanggang isa lang nakukuhang signal sa amin eh. Pa help po pls…

  53. Sir saan po mag hanap nang safe na mac address?sa bm625..ito email

  54. I’ve been looking everywhere for BM622i 2009 firmware to downgrade
    im trying to replace BM622i_V100R001PHLC08B030 2011 version
    because every time in order to change the mac via telnet i have to open a firmware upgrade program just to enable the telnet access
    please if anyone has the old firmware please post, or a way to fully enable the telnet access

  55. sir thankyou

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