Yahoo Account Deactivation – WE DON’T TEACH HOW TO DEACTIVATE.

This Thread Is Only To Let People Know About What Is Deactivation And How Their Account Get’s Deactivated ans also To Stop Deactivation And Stop Yahoo Haters To Kill Ids…. So If You Want To Learn How To Deactivate, This Is Not a Good place for it.

I want to Show You Some Tips That Can Protect Your 2chars, 3chars, Illegals and all Free ids from getting Deactivated, And I would Like to Ask You for help, So If You Know anyway That Is not Specified Below, Feel Free to Reply And Add More Information.

Our Goal Is to Help Having More Fun On Yahoo And Have a Safe Yahoo With Friends.

I will Tell You Few Ways To Protect Your ids.

Here We Go…

As You All Might Know, Yahoo Has set Up a ” Terms Of Services ” That any User account Which Is Not Following the Terms Will Be Simply Deactivated By a Report.
You Can Read The ” Yahoo Terms of Service ” Below

Previously We Had a link Which Used to show us That Either an Account Has Been Deactivated Or Not, But After a While Yahoo Has Closed That Link So Deactivators Can No Longer Check Killed Ids… However These Days We Have Thousands Of Deactivate Checkers !! You Can See The Link Below Which is Terminated Now.

There Is Also A Link That Helps You to Deactivate Your Own Account, If You Have No Longer Use On it.
However You Can Reactivate Your Own Account Before 90 Days and Sign In Again On it. You Can see the Link Of Terminating Account InHERE

How Your Account Get’s Deactivated?!

There Are Two Popular ways that Most People use to Deactivate An Account

Deactivation Through Mail ( Headers + Content )

Most People use This way Because It can be more Succeeded. They Report Your Account To Yahoo Customer Care And Tell Them That You Have Broken The Rules of ” Terms Of Service” And Show them Some Fake Evidence Which Are The Fake Header And Content That Shows You Have Sent Spam emails To Different Email Accounts.

Deactivation Through Message Archive

Some Deactivators Make Fake Message Archive that You Have been threatening people And Blah Blah Blah… And they Report it to Yahoo… So Yahoo Deactivate Your Account.

Now I will Show You Few Tricks to Protect Your Account….

One of the Popular ways That Most Of You Might Now, Is to Change The Languaeg Of the Account. You Can Change The Languaege Of Your Yahoo Account to, Chinese, Arabic, Taiwanese and Normally Hard Languaegs… So The Person Who Reports You To Yahoo Will Not Get Succeeded, Because Deactivators Normally Report In English.
To Change The Languege Of Your Account Click Here
Or You Can Change it Through Yahoo Messenger which is Clear In The Picture.
Yahoo Account Deactivation


~ ni bugzlife69 sa Pebrero 15, 2012.

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