How To switch to Yahoo Mail Classic…

Morning guys its hard to use a new program lalo na kung new mail sbi nga  nila di msama mag stick to one lalo na ayaw mo ng huzzle so ito gwin nyo para di na mag change to new mail ang inyong mga email.. i hope u like it

Once you have the new Mail Beta, you will no longer be able to switch back to All New Mail and/or see a switch-back link to Mail Classic, but I’m slightly visually impaired and found an interesting workaround a few weeks ago to at least get back to Mail Classic: lower your screen resolution, and as soon as it’s too low for the new mail, you will get a message displayed asking if you want to switch to Mail Classic. Click “yes”. Of course you can switch back to your original screen resolution once you have mail classic back..:-)

Another option: turn off Javascript – you’ll then be asked if you want to return to Mail Classic, click “yes”.

In case you don’t know how to turn off Javascript…

For IE: tools -> internet options -> security. In security click “custom level” -> disable active scripting in the scripting section. Remember to turn Javascripting back on when you are back in Mail Classic since without it some mail functions won’t work

For Firefox: tools -> options -> content, click on “disable Javascript”. Now hit F5 to refresh the page while you are in yahoo email in order to kick in the option (permanent) to switch back to classic. Do not click on the “one time” option. Turn it back on once you have your “Classic” account back.

Yahoo will NOT get rid of Mail Classic, read this, dated June 20:…agdoihave.html




~ ni bugzlife69 sa Pebrero 8, 2012.

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