Another Tip’s and Trick let the mind be full by knowledge

How to UN-BAN your CHAT BANNED Y4h3ll ID!!!

Here is somthing i had figured out:

If you would like to unban your name if it has been Chat Banned(Locked up COMPLETELY)
then go to you lauguage settings in your account to change tha lauguage then change
it to:


and then save it all then exit out of it…DO NOT try to get back on your name for
anything for about 2-3 weeks or untill its unlocked, then change tha settings
back to:


then try to log in and there you go you should now have your banned name unlocked and
have fun! You ask how does this work well it works by Y4h3lls Servers will reconize
you(Your banned name) as a new member but your not!! LOL

(NOTE: If it doesnot work if you put it back to “ENGLISH” put it back onto “CHINEESE-Chaina(MAINLAND”
and leave it there for about another 2 months)…tnx..gudluck

Finding a Invisible User on Yahoo Messenger

1. Double Click on the user whose status you want to check.

2. A message window will open.

3. Click IMVironment button, select See all IMVironments, select Yahoo! Tools or Interactive Fun, and click on Doodle.

4. The last step and the most important step. After loading the Doodle IMVironment, there will be two possibilities.
a) If the user is offline, the Doodle area will show “waiting for your friend to load Doodle” continuously. If the user is online (in invisible mode), after few seconds (it can take up to one minute, depending on connection speed), you will get a blank page.

So the user is online!There is a counter attack of this trick:Go to Messenger>>Preferences>>Messages and now uncheck Enable IMVironments. Now this trick is nullified!

Second Method: Voice Chat

1. Double Click on the user whose status you want to check.

2. Click on “Voice” icon on the toolbar, or select “Contact” menu and select “Enable Voice Chat” .

3. The deciding part… there are 2 possible results:

a) If the user is offline, you will get this message: “Internal server error. Cannot obtain voice token to start voice chat.” If the user is invisible (actually online), you will see the Voice Toolbar.

Third Method: Conference Invitation

1. Right Click on the user whose status you want to check.

2. When the menu appears, select Invite to Conference.

3. A window will appear. See at the right pane, the username you selected will be there. Now, click Invite.

4. The deciding part… there are 2 possible results:

a) If the user is offline, you will get this message: “None of the users in the invite list are available to join the conference.

Please try at a later time.”If the user is invisible, you will get a window similar saying: “You are now logged into voice conference – ”

Fourth Method: Buddy Spy

1. Get Buddy Spy from

Yahoo tips ‘n tricks ‘n chat commands :sk:

Chat Command Help

/cls Clears the history

/help Displays this message

/join roomname Joins room ‘roomname’

/goto username Goes to ‘username’

/think xxx . o O (xxx)

/follow user Follows the user wherever they go

/follow Stop Following

/invite username Invites ‘username’ to join this room : emotion Displays user defined emotion string

/think– will get you . o O ( …….. ) just type /think whatever…..and get . o O ( whatever ) …doesn’t seem to work in messenger chat though……java /cheeta/ychat/cheeta users if they just type /think will have a random message inserted
/roll 2– will get you something like ‘fire-wall rolls 2 dice 3,4’ …… roll multisided dice type /roll 2:10
try /roll 2×2 to flip coins

/tell ( name )– allows you to send a private message with out a pm box
/goto ( name ) lets you go to a friend or another user
/invite ( name )– allows you to invite a user to where you are
/follow ( name )– allows you to follow someone
/stopfollow( name )– stops you following someone else…. no way to stop someone from following you. 😥 😥
/cls– clears the screen
/help– works great in java chat!!! be prepared for a full screen of info though.
/define– works in cheeta chat
/time– works in most clients
/version or /ver –the latter is great for when you need help………and /version helpers name sends them a private message with the same info so they can help.
/join (roomname) is great for skipping the rooms list……like
/join yahoo! chat help:1

to emote without using the pop up emotes or the list just type /emote name …….like /hug or to emote someone /hug ( name) and to make your text show as an emote …..type a : then whatever…..and your text will look like an emote like Fire-wall hugs you

/ignore add (username) a quick way to send someone to the iggy box…..
/ignore remove (username) can take an accidental ignore off….. or even remove yourself form your own ignore…. don’t laugh…. it has happened!!! despite yahoo saying you cant ignore yourself. you can also open messenger, look under privacy, and remove names there.
/save works in all but messenger (click file. then save for messenger chat)…… browser chat make sure you know where it saves the transcript!!!!!
/logoff closes your chat screen and logs you out

PEACE AND ENJOY Admin.yahoo_god


~ ni bugzlife69 sa Abril 27, 2008.

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