SOftware Free Anti Virus And Others Software A Token for those support my blog Thanks

just request at the comment cause i dnt want another violation lols or pm me at admin.yahoo_god or Email me at thanks guys again .


~ ni bugzlife69 sa Disyembre 13, 2007.

2 Tugon to “SOftware Free Anti Virus And Others Software A Token for those support my blog Thanks”

  1. well again ill be the one who first given u a comment here…heheheh, I think this would be the best warning for us computer users because it will help us to avoid viruses which enters in our PC. I can really say that everyday I always heal such viruses that comes in my PC and It seemed its really a big destruction for me because I can’t start my doings immediately I have to rescan or restart first my PC before I’m gonna log in in my different accounts.It is very important that It will really help us to avoid more viruses coming in and out of our PC.Kc sometimes viruses could cause lots of destructions in our PC so this article or i could possibly say a WARNING can help us from pests…Again thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge about this one of a kind info technology warning…TC always…

  2. kuya where should I comment on the issue u just posted last time?hehehe just joking..I think they’re just getting envy because u have a one of a kind ideas and knowledge about the issues ur always posting…I think they’d think that ur over knowledgeable about everything and anything thats why they banned u..heheheh the funny thing is sabay pa tyong na banned sa parehong araw…I think were destined to be like BROTHER and SISTER hehehe ..I think its for real!!!anyway kuya…I really really appreciated all the wonderful things u are trying to express here and also I salute u because of your long patience and wisdom about everything going right now…TC always and don’t go with the flow…mga slow and panget ung nagbanned saten hehehehe..(letcheng yahoo yan ) niyari tyong dalwa!!!…nway, I truly sorry for just commenting ngayon lng kc i cant enter in chatroom coz I just banned las nyt ..thats y nanga-reer nlng ako..thats why it happened!!!anyway can i ask u favor? can I borrow this issue because I’m gonna lend it to my friend..coz she really wants to have an idea all about the PC..can I?

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