Major Virus Attack….hehehehe

I wana Know all da major viruses…if i missed some thing ..Post in here

ELK CLONER, 1982: Regarded as the first virus to hit personal computers worldwide, “Elk Cloner” spread through Apple II floppy disks and displayed a poem written by its author, a ninth-grade student who was designing a practical joke. BRAIN, 1986: “Brain” is the first virus to hit computers running a Microsoft Corp. operating system — DOS. Written by two Pakistani brothers, the virus left the phone number of their computer repair shop.

 MORRIS, 1988: Written by a Cornell University graduate student whose father was then a top government computer-security expert, the virus infected an estimated 6,000 university and military computers connected over the Internet. Although viruses had spread over the Internet before, until “Morris” none was widespread

MELISSA, 1999: “Melissa” was one of the first to spread over e-mail. When users opened an attachment, the virus sent copies of itself to the first 50 people in the user’s address book, covering the globe within hours.

 LOVE BUG, 2000: Also spread via e-mail attachment, “Love Bug” exploited human nature and tricked recipients into opening it by disguising itself as a love letter.

CODE RED, 2001: Exploiting a flaw in Microsoft software, “Code Red” was among the first “network worms” to spread rapidly because it required only a network connection, not a human opening an attachment. Although the flaw was known, many system operators had yet to install a software patch Microsoft made available a month earlier to fix it.

BLASTER, 2003: “Blaster” also took advantage of a known flaw in Microsoft software and, along with the 2003 “SoBig” outbreak, prompted Microsoft to offer cash rewards to people who help authorities capture and prosecute the virus writers.

 SASSER, 2004: “Sasser” exploited a Microsoft flaw as well and prompted some computers to continually crash and reboot, apparently the result of bad programming. Although “Sasser” is hardly the last malicious software, the ones since then have generally received less attention as networks install better defenses and profit-minded virus writers try to avoid detection and removal of their works


~ ni bugzlife69 sa Disyembre 13, 2007.

2 Tugon to “Major Virus Attack….hehehehe”

  1. wow very well said…this is an important article and facts that is truly tackles all about viruses in and out of our PC’s life..well this is gonna be a big boosts for us PC lover or I may say Internet lover because it will warn us to different viruses that come up in our units…Nway, I was experiencing this kind of viruses but I don’t know how do u call it or how am I going to call it because it was so “nakakainis” coz It damaged a lot from my voice chat (VC) It product errors and it was so intimidating coz I have lots of “fans” who were getting bad trip na..coz they cant reach me and hear my beautiful voice..CHUSA!!!thats it!! I just want to say HI and HEllo to the biggest mind here…make more kuya!!ingatz…:D

  2. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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