Reconnect your disconnected bm622 (MANUAL) + MAC

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What is a MAC Address

A MAC address (Media Access Control address) (also called an Ethernet address or an IEEE MAC address) is a number (typically written as twelve hexadecimal digits, 0 through 9 and A through F, or as six hexadecimal numbers separated by periods or colons, i.e. 4C54996E2501,4C:54:99:6E:25:01 which uniquely identifies a computer that has an Ehternet interface. Unlike the IP number, it includes no indication of where your computer is located. In DHCP’s typical use, the server uses a requesting computer’s MAC address to uniquely identify it.

MAC addresses of BM622

Huawei Echolife BM622 CPE has three (3) preset MAC addresses (WAN, LAN, WIMAX) that works all together to gain internet access.

“The WAN MAC address was pasted on the device bottom and cal also be viewed on its web-based utility (Web UI)..

Step 1
Login to the telnet utility ( Click here for Username and Password  )

Step 2

“Considering in this example that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 is an active and unblocked WAN MAC address.”

Enter setallmacaddr that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 in the ATP then press Enter. Automatically the three MAC addresses of the device will be updated, that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 for WAN, that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F7 for WIMAX and that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F9 for LAN, After then, type exit and press Enter to exit from the utility.

Step 3
Then, Login as admin in the Web –based utility. ( Click here how to get Admin Password )

Step 4
Go to “Maintain” tab and click “Restore Default Connection”. You have to click OK button twicem then the modem automatically reboots and require you to login again.

Step 5
Wait for a while until such time that the modem was completely rebooted and theLAN connection is already active in the Network Connection of the Control Panel.
You can see such reminder in the system tray when the device reboots.

Login as user in the Web-based utility to check if the MAC addresses was changed as well to check if the device is connected to the network.

The new MAC addresses were updated and working.

Updated February 28 2012 With 2mbps Speed! 

Not tricky but easy..  double click niyo lang ang vbs file at automatic ng mapapalitan ang mac address ng wimax nyo..


Use Help for ur lock id

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you need to contact Yahoo by Email this can be done by clicking on Help at the Bottom Right Hand side of the Yahoo page click on mail, or whatever one is best for you, then go to the Bottom Right hand side of page and click on get help to contact Customer Care click on Category, page will reload for you to click on Sub Category. make sure you fill in Brief Details of what has Happened, click Enter. then at the Bottom of the Page for more help Click on EMAIL A SUPPORT AGENT. there will be a form to fill in. yahoo will then contact you at a different email address you need to give them they need this to give you instructions regarding your yahoo account this email address CANNOT be a yahoo email one you need to create a new one either Google, Hotmail, etc you will also be asked to create a new password.

Clean ur infected flashdrives manually

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i found this tut on cleaning ur usb drives manually very helpful and it shows all those hidden batch file running everytime u plug in ur usb flash drives 

One of the ways by which a virus can infect your PCis through USB/Pen drives. Common viruses such as ***8217;Ravmon***8217; , ***8216;New Folder.exe***8217;, ***8216;Orkut is banned***8217; etc are spreading through USB drives. Most anti virus programs are unable to detect them and even if they do, in most cases they are unable to delete the file, only quarantine it. Here are the things which you can do if you want to remove such viruses from your USB drives

Whenever you plug a USB drive in your system, a window will appear similar to the one shown below
Don***8217;t click on Ok , just choose ***8216;Cancel***8217;. Open the Command Prompt by typing ***8216;cmd***8216; in the run box. In the command prompt type the drive letter: and press enter . Now type dir /w/a and press enter.
This will display a list of the files in the pen drive. Check whether the following files are there or not

  • Autorun.inf
  • Ravmon.exe
  • New Folder.exe
  • svchost.exe
  • Heap41a
  • or any other exe file which may be suspicious.

If any of the above files are there, then probably the USB drive is infected. In command prompt type attrib -r -a -s -h *.* and press enter. This will remove the Read Only, Archive, System and hidden file attribute from all the files. Now just delete the files using the command del filename. example del Ravmon.exe. Delete all the files that are suspicious. To be on a safer side, just scan the USB drive with an anti virus program to check whether it is free of virus or not. Now remove the drive and plug it again. In most of the cases, the real culprit turns out to be the ***8220;Autorun.inf***8221; file which mostly gets executed when someone clicks Ok in the dialog window which appears above. Thus the infections can spread
Security Tip
Disable the Autoplay feature of USB drives. If you disable the Autoplay feature of USB drives, then there are lesser chances of the virus spreading. A tool which can perform such a function isTweak UI. Download it from here install it.
Run the program. Now you can disable the Autoplay feature of the removable drives as shown above. By following the above steps, you can keep your USB drives clean. If there are any other methods which you use, then share it with me through comments.

NEW TRICKS How to Unlock Unlock HUAWEI USING Code!

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How to Unlock Unlock HUAWEI USING Code!

How to Unlock?

Insert a new SIM other than the SIM provided==> Plug USB Modem into your PC ==> Unlock code will be ask( you have ten tries, so don’t worry) ==> Enter the Unlock Code provided(8digits) ==>Unlocked and you’re done. Wait, it will autodetect the device and the new network

Network Settings:

Go to TOOLS, Options, Profile Management, New

1. SmartBro Postpaid
Profile Name : SmartBro Postpaid
Select Static
APN : internet
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text MMS ON send to 3401

2. SmartBro Prepaid
Profile Name : SmartBro Prepaid
Select Static
APN : SmartBro
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text MMS ON send to 3401

3. SmartBro Red Mobile
Profile Name : SmartBro Red Mobile
Select Static
APN : redinternet
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: insert SIM to your phone, text RED(space) send to 9969
ex. N8950 send to 9969

4. Globe Broadband Postpaid
Profile Name : Globe Broadband Postpaid
Select Static
Access number : *99***1#
Activate SIM: text TIME send to 1111

5. Globe Broadband Prepaid

Profile Name : Globe Broadband Prepaid
Select Static
Access number : *99***1#
Activate SIM: text TIME send to 1111

5. Sun Wireless Prepaid
Profile Name : SUN Internet
Select Static
APN : minternet
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

6. Sun Wireless Postpaid
a.Profile Name : SUN Broadband Basic
Select Static
APN : fixed
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

b. Profile Name : SUN Broadband Standard
Select Static
APN : fbband
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

c. Profile Name : SUN Broadband Nomad
Select Static
APN : mbband
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

again Go to TOOLS, Options, network,registration mode click manual search and register the click refresh and wait for network appear then click the network you want to use and click register then click ok return it into auto search and register then click ok close the broadband window and open it again…..

New Years Knowledge Blow Out………………..

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CYBERCRIME .. ano kaba talaga yan pla ang mainit na topic ngayon so ngayon ko napatunayan everytime a counrty make advance for the high from low in technologies meron din sumasakay sa ganyan no offense sa mga gumawa ng batas. because nboto kyo and u just make a batas why nga pla nbuo ung batas dhil sa piracy almost a decade ng nilalabanan ang piracy na yan di pa din ngawaan ng paraan ilan na ba umupo sa board na yan di ba puro artista pa nga tpos nag patupad ng bats id artista pa din. at ung sumasalungat sa batas is artista din kya nga meron blogger ng hhingi ng public apologies dhil di nila alam ang salitang personal own or trademarks ano pa ba tamang salita private properties for me bago ka gmawa ng batas sana nman nag isip na sa panahon ngayon lahat ng bagay sa net ng ggaling . kya nga ayaw nyo ng ZTE deal ksi mdaming maapakan na manual na laborer ung gmagawa ng cable ng kkabit ng cable ng mga cell site tama nga nman pero pati ba nman sa freedom ng mga tulad namin at mga taong nsa field ng IT bbigyan nyo kmi ng restriction kung paano at ano dpat namin gawin at hindi paano mo masasabing tama ang mali na kyo mismo ang gmagwa at nasisilipan nmin ng mali. saan ba nag simula ang bill na yan ksi 2 times ka ng ndali or meron pang ibang tga gawa ng batas ang gmamit ng salita para lang sa priviledge speech na gawa ng iba di dapat pag pnatupad nyo yan kyo una patawan ng batas sa cybercrime kung magagawa nyo yan magagawa din nmin kyo gmawa kyo maging example pagiging huwaran sa batas … so bawal mag like bawal mag download bawal ang etc bwal ang ano bawal mangopya ng gawa ng iba bwal na poh ang lahat dpat isa lang solusyon dyan bawal na ang internet sa pilipinas……..Mr senator this is cyberworld sa tingin nyo pag nagkaisa mga user ng chatter , facebook, blooger sa boung pilipinas pag nagkaisa yan sa tingin nyo sa ssunod na halalan may boboto pa syo ilan nga pla ang bilang ng mga kabataang pinoy na boboto ung batas last na maling law na aprobahan ang VAT and Contractualization asan na kya sila……lols di kaya makulong ako sa comment ko bka ksi mapag isipan nila tama nga nman at lamalabag ako sa batas dahil nag ssalita ako paano na pla ang mga show sa tv gmagamit ng inter media bawal na din kya un bawal di kya mag comment or maglike ano pa ba bawal sa batas na yan mas ok pa plang mag salita ng harapan sa tao ksa sa net dito kulong 12 yrs pag libel sa personal ….

Fixing the “Unmountable Boot Volume Error

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Fixing the dreaded “Unmountable Boot Volume” error n Windows installation One unfortunately common problem is data corruption on a hard drive and the dreaded “Unmountable Boot Volume” error. Many people feel they are forced to format the drive and start from scratch in this situation. However, frequently there is a better way of save your installation, as long as you have the installation media available. Directions for both XP and Windows 7 included. If you receive the “unmountable boot volume” error and have an installation disk, you still have a chance to save your system. This error is frequently caused by unfortunate wear and tear corruption of the data on the hard drive. By using the following utilities, you often can repair the damaged hard drive and prevent a complete reinstallation of your system. XP Directions:
1. Insert your XP installation disc into an optical drive and boot up your computer.

2. When you see a welcome screen, hit the R key on your keyboard. This will enter you into recovery mode with a DOS prompt.

3. Now type chkdsk /p and hit Enter. This will launch a utility which will check for errors on your hard drive.

4. After the process is done, type fixboot and hit Enter to repair any damaged boot files which may have become corrupted. When asked to say yes or no, type the Y key on your keyboard.

5. Type exit and press the Enter key to reboot your computer.

Windows 7 Directions:

1. Boot from the Windows 7 DVD.

2. Select Repair my computer.
3. Select Command Prompt
4. From the command prompt enter the following command: Chkdsk /R C: where “C” is your boot drive.
5. Answer Y to check the disk the next time that the system restarts. 6. Reboot the system. After the reboot, Windows will check the hard disk and try to repair the damaged area.
7. If you still get the error after this process, repeat the process but try rebuilding the master boot record at the command prompt with the following command: bootrec /fixboot and then rebooting If your system can be saved, you should now be able to boot back into Windows without a problem! Please reward our authors by sharing their hard work…

Open Port

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prog SP2-TCP-Patch…

1…now that she open the window she give you 3 options pres yes letter (y) press no letter (n) and press change letter (c) you must press change letter (c)…

2…now you need to put the number of conection so put this number [ 1000000 ] and press enter…

3… now she ask if you realy want to change to 1000000 and give 3 options yes press letter (y) no press letter (n ) and change press letter (c ) you must press letter (y)…

4…press any key to close the window…

5…now she open a new window with 3 options repet more information and cancel press cancel and after in the other window open pres yes…

…now rebout your computer and try to scan socks thats all ……TCP-Patch.html…TCP-Patch.html

Windows XP SP3 TCP/IP Patcher

This program is translated by me, it is originally a component of BitSpirit, a torrent download client. This crack is designed only for all versions of WIndows XP SP3.
By increasing the number of TCP/IP connections allowed at one time, your internet speeds up, especially when you are downloading stuff or playing online games. I recommend you to set the limitation to 500 to 600.

Before applying the crack, remember to unplug internet connections and restart computer to make sure the TCP/IP file is not in use.…hwrms.rar.html

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Morning Guys Relax and Read while sipping ur coffe

labanan ang mga mapagsamantalang network butasin bawat systema upang makamit ang libreng INTERNET.

So basically all we are going to do is change your DNS servers. BUT WAIT BEFORE YOU LEAVE! We aren’t going to do the average ‘switch to google’ bulls**t. No way. We are going to download a free program that will select the BEST DNS server for YOU specifically!

(If you don’t know what DNS is, check the resources at the bottom of the page.)

Okay, So to start off:CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DNSBench..exe

Once you have it downloaded, Run it (As Admin on Vista/7/8)

When your are done running it, it will ask you if you want to build your own list, CLICK YES!!!!

It will spend around 20-30 minutes going through over 4,000 DNS servers and finding the 50 fastest. Once it is completed, re-run the benchmark.

Then, Look at the two top IP addresses. Add these as your DNS servers.

If you don’t know how to do this, click the link below;…gs-windows-xp/…ver-windows-7/

imply place the top IP address in the benchmark as ‘Preferred DNS Server’ , and the second IP as ‘Alternative DNS Server’. Click apply then hit okay. Your done!

You should notice a significant increase in speed! You can also do the same thing with your router if you know how to.


Definition of DNS:

Quote:The DNS translates Internet domain and host names to IP addresses. DNS automatically converts the names we type in our Web browser address bar to the IP addresses of Web servers hosting those sites.

DNS implements a distributed database to store this name and address information for all public hosts on the Internet. DNS assumes IP addresses do not change (are statically assigned rather than dynamically assigned).

The DNS database resides on a hierarchy of special database servers. When clients like Web browsers issue requests involving Internet host names, a piece of software called the DNS resolver (usually built into the network operating system) first contacts a DNS server to determine the server’s IP address. If the DNS server does not contain the needed mapping, it will in turn forward the request to a different DNS server at the next higher level in the hierarchy. After potentially several forwarding and delegation messages are sent within the DNS hierarchy, the IP address for the given host eventually arrives at the resolver, that in turn completes the request over Internet Protocol.

DNS additionally includes support for caching requests and for redundancy. Most network operating systems support configuration of primary, secondary, and tertiary DNS servers, each of which can service initial requests from clients. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) maintain their own DNS servers and use DHCP to automatically configure clients, relieving most home users of the burden of DNS configuration.


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Demonoid Busted As A Gift To The United States Government

The nightmare week for Demonoid has just reached a huge crescendo, with news coming out of Ukraine that following a massive DDoS attack the site has now been busted by local authorities. Those looking for a U.S. connection to the raid won’t be disappointed – a source in the country’s Interior Ministry says that the action was scheduled to coincide with Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky’s trip to the United States.

Last week thousands of Demonoid users feared the worst when their beloved site disappeared from the Internet. Many thought that the site had been busted, but were eventually relieved to hear that it was ‘only’ a massive DDoS attack.

But today the roller-coaster ride plummeted to new depths, with confirmation coming out of Ukraine that the DDoS was just the beginning – the site has been busted by the authorities.

ColoCall is the largest datacenter in Ukraine and a place that has been Demonoid’s home in recent years. But in the middle of last week, in the wake of the DDoS attack, government investigators arrived at ColoCall to shut Demonoid down.

“Investigators have copied all the information from the servers Demonoid and sealed them,” an anonymous ColoCall source confirmed. “Some equipment was not seized, but now it does not work, and we were forced to terminate the agreement with the site.”

As reported on TorrentFreak following our discussions with Demonoid’s admin last week, there were suspicions that the site may have been subjected to some kind of exploit or hack in addition to the DDoS. That version of events is now confirmed by the ColoCall source.

“Shortly after [the DDoS] a hacker break-in occurred, and a few days later came the investigators,” the source added.

But aside from the busting of the site, which is the biggest BitTorrent-related raid in recent memory and one that has taken out the world’s largest torrent site/tracker combo, there is a rather large international sting in the tail.

Despite general opinion that Demonoid did not contravene Ukranian law, especially since it blocked all Ukranian IP addresses to avoid upsetting the locals, the site still attracted the attention of the authorities there. That, according to a source in the country’s government, is all down to the United States getting involved.

A source inside the Interior Ministry has informed Kommersant that the raid on Demonoid was timed to coincide with the very first trip of Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky‘s trip to the United States. On the agenda: copyright infringement.

Ukraine had promised the United States that it would improve its attitude and efforts towards enforcing copyright and no doubt its Western partner will be very pleased indeed that Demonoid’s head has been presented on a platter.

But while Demonoid’s servers are in custody, the site’s admin does not appear to be. The ColoCall source would not say who is behind the site, only that its management is located in Mexico. The devil may yet be back….

TorrentFreak contacted the Demonoid admin for a comment but we have yet to hear back